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Chapter Four: Invitation

    Well, I've got a wide array of topics for you people today. Not a running commentary though, so you people (if you exist) who always check these updates with a copy in hand to check out what I'm talking about, you'll have to just check the multiple page listings at the end of the rant, okay?

    I'd like to take a short moment to say that since I last updated I discovered something about my Gaia chapter of this journal which threw me for a loop: People are reading this. And they like what I have to say. That's kinda cool for me, whose writing has never been particularly noticed in either real life or the internet(save by my close friends). Thanks a lot to every one reading this and commenting for making my day. 

    But Let's face it, that was really Sappy and Boring, On with the show:

The Dream
   The Chapter lead in from last entry where Bella first dreams of Edward Cullen.

    It's not the most interesting dream, but it's a very believable one for Bella to have. Traditional "Loosing touch" dream mixed in with "Crush dream," My only complaint is that it doesn't seem weird enough to be a dream. But that's probably just me.

     I had a dream about a boy once. It was very different from hers, but it was a more happy dream since I hadn't been actively spurned... yet. It's the curse of actually having a distinct personality from the female mass that no one really wants to date you. I don't think he ever knew how seriously I had a crush on him. (I'm sort of finding it hard to believe too, looking back on it.)

    Anyways, back on target. Bella shows with this dream her fear that Edward doesn't trust her and never will. So she's probably a combination of Ticked off and lonely.

    But, really, I wonder if her dream says anything about her? I mean Edward moves away into Darkness and she follows, but she can't catch up? Have you ever had a dream like that? It's not even deep foreshadowing.

    My dreams are more like this one I had last night. (It was a running story, but I only remember a few images of it) It started out with my friends and I living in an abandoned house and scavenging for materials and then we went out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant and mentioned that we should invite a couple of people and then they randomly show up. Later we're in a car being chased by a bus full of blue cloaked figures running for our lives, then later still I'm in an auditorium trying to distract the head of a group of choir singers to lead the leader of a resistance movement escape up the single staircase that gets him to safety. Then the doorbell rang and I woke up.

    I dare you to try to find some deep philosophical meaning in that.

Unwanted Attention
    Nothing improves Popularity more than public almost-death.

    This only works for Bella though because, of course, Edward just "appeared" under the car and was in no way involved with the rescue. I assert again that the people of Forks are Morons.

    Let's review some basic logic for the people of Forks, Shall we? If you put a marble under a plastic cup and wait and then remove the cup to find two marbles there are only about three things that could have happened:
  1. The first marble performed Binary fission and became two marbles
  2. The Marble went through the cup or table to get into that space or
  3. The Marble was deposited under the cup before the space was sealed, possibly too fast to see since you didn't notice the other marble.
Wasn't it Sherlock Holmes who is quoted as saying "If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth"?  Anyways, we know that Marbles don't multiply and can't go through the cup or table. (Or, comparing to the current situation, Humans take nine months to incubate and people can't phase through cars.)

Therefore the Marble was deposited under the cup, or Edward under the car, before they were trapped. He saved her life, get over your stick-in-mudness and accept it. You don't have to like it, but at least acknowledge it.

The Girl's Choice Dance
    Ah, a fantastic way to solve all love triangles, the Girl's Choice Dance. Let the girl decide who she wants, what could possibly go wrong?

    You know, I've never actually been in a school that had a Sadie Hawken's  Dance. As far as I know it could all be an elaborate hoax that they exist. But I doubt it.  Anyways, the Girls Choice Dance as It's practiced in Forks seems to be anything but. I mean, the Guys go around asking if the girls are going to ask them. How is that different than a normal Dance? (Except that it's , you know, more complicated)

    I'm not much of a dancegoer myself, but I can see how Bella's annoyance gets built up so fast in this chapter. I mean, three guys all asking her to ask them to a dance. I've had occasional problems in the past with people getting crushes on me when they're not welcome. A whopping two of these problems actually, a year or so apart, which is actually  the sum total of all the times I'm ever been asked out with any seriousness. (People sometimes think it's funny to say they like me or that their friends do to see how I react. I've gotten used to it by now, but it's still annoying.)

    Anyways, if there's one thing I found interesting about the situation it was...

The Witty Banter
(74-75, 82-84)
    I'll admit it. I'm a fan of good dialogue.

    I'm one of those people who, when they really love a book, will memorize pieces of dialogue and be able to pull them up from memory if the time is right. And the Most memorable type of dialogue? Banter, the going back and forth between people who aren't exactly friends or enemies but something in between.

    And right now the atmosphere between Edward and Bella cooks up some good conversations.  One about how Edward admits that he's being rude, and then  Bella snaps at him and he snaps back, and the other, more interesting conversation.

     The second conversation, where Edward asks Bella if she'd like a ride to Seattle (Which is the excuse she'd used to get out of going to the dance with any of her admirers) serves to further complicate Edward's apparent motive.  He offers her a ride because he's pretty sure her piece of Gohsa Truck won't be able to make it. On the other hand, he doesn't sound like he's doing it to be a "date". On a third Hand he admits he wants to be Bella's friend, it's just better if they aren't.  Now I know where this is going, but it's fun to talk about anyways.

    Meh, I'm going to stop talking about dialogue, it's hard.

The Mini Biology Update
    Another insight into the Forks Biology curriculum this chapter. Edward is shown mentioning the Kreb's cycle in the tad bit of dialogue that was supposed to characterize the class period. Now, last time we checked in on our heroes they were learning about Mitosis.

    This may come from my own experience a bit, but don't you learn about Cell respiration before you get to cell division? I mean, cell division leads right into genetics and then into evolution. So why are they discussing the Kreb's cycle right now?  It really makes no sense to go into the energy making processes of  cells between cell division and Genetics and they can't have already finished the genetics/evolution arc, right?

     Well, Maybe Forks is just weird. Really, really weird.
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