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Chapter Five: Blood Type

     Sorry for the delay to you people who may, or may not be waiting for this entry.  Recently I've found a few sites that host anime on the internet and  I have the regrettable habit of getting addicted once I start  watching one. You can blame Fullmetal Alchemist for this most recent delay. (It's a great anime, the Manga is better in my opinion, but the ending of the anime was phenomenal. I mean really a phenomenon, not x saves y from a car. XD)

     All right, this entry is another experiment. I intend to vary my style of entry to the chapter until I find one that really suites me, okay? Well, in this section, I'll go through the chapter mostly in order pointing out specific points (With page numbers) and talk a little bit about them, occasionally referring to another point with may or may not gets it's own entry. Most of these entries will be about Edward or Bella and their development in this chapter.  My parents got me some post-its for doing this, and after reading chapter 5 here's what I came up with:

I apologize for the blurring, I'm a minor and I didn't want anything that could identify my house or my self on the internet, sorry. Anyways, each one of the little post-its is something I'm referring to.  That was just for the curious, so:

On with the show!

    This chapter starts just as the other leaves off, with the moments immediately after Edward's slightly ambiguous invitation to be given a ride to Seattle. Them getting stuck in the car together seems a pretty good way to have some interesting moments and have them get to know each other, no? I was really looking forward to a progression in their relationship during the trip. Looking forward to it.  I mean, when I first started this book I was expecting to hate it, and Now I'm looking forward to an event, can you imagine?

    ....But then this chapter completely ruined it for me. 

    Edward, the vaguely interesting character created in the first four chapters, might have opened up on the trip a bit, who knows? But until being forced into private talk with Bella, he's smart enough to keep public indifference, right? The character I knew wouldn't jump into anything after that speech made last chapter.

    Apparently not. (87) two pages into the chapter Edward breaks habit and not only doesn't sit with his siblings, but he invites Bella to sit with him. (In an incredibly flirty fashion I might add.) It's not just that he's smiling and being the sort-of gentlemanly polite we've come to expect from him. No, he's just acting like he was always this way. I therefore Hypothesize that Edward Elric has a split personality. (Dun-dun-duuun) I mean look at these two faces, they don't even look like the same person:

    (88) Stop trying to pull that "I've decided to stop trying to stay away from you" shit. You weren't an idiot thirty seconds ago, what reason could you possibly have for changing your attitude between first period and lunch? You were supposed to be keeping a distance, making judgments from afar, there's no fun  when you're mysterious up close.  I want to pout. 

    I'll admit it, I was well on my way to having Edward being my favorite character. He seemed to be genuinely likable, smart and just an over all cool guy with an awesome sense of humor, but at a distance that  made him a character rather than a dream-boy x. And then his second personality shows up, the reckless, intelligent (but usually stupid) one who has an obsession with Bella that causes him to flirt, badly.  I think Persona two is going to destroy him. Let's see how this progresses, shall we?

    (89) Okay, brief interlude back into persona one. A warning that Bella still doesn't get and then a crack at the fact that she's theorizing about him. The humor is still there at least.

    (91)  Bella seems on her non annoying swing too, the whole "warn me next time you decide to ignore me for my own good,"  comment was pretty funny.

    (92) The entire conversation about whether Edward  is a superhero  would be a lot less complete humor if the back of the book didn't already spoil this whole situation. 

    (93) Bella know finally gets that his warnings about him being dangerous may have something to them. No duh. He's been saying them for, like four chapters and he held up a fisckin' car with his bare hands. Maybe he's a tad dangerous. Just maybe.

    (93) He says it's healthy to skip class. Personality two officially sucks. (There is a reason he's skipping, but I just hate the way he phrased that. It's supposed to make him seem bad-ass I suppose. It just made him seem kinda pricky to me.

    (94) There are very few ways to instantly get a bit of my sympathy for for a character, but Meyers has found one which really hits a nerve for me, or vein rather.

     You see, I have small and deep veins, this means that it's very hard for people to take my blood from the normal place, the elbow. I first discovered this when is took the nurse round 15 minutes of poking different places in my arm left arm and then my right to find a vein for a blood test. (An allergy test to be specific, We never did get one to see if I'm allergic to citrus or not, we just assume now and I avoid it.) She never got a drop of blood.

    I almost passed out, meaning that they couldn't just go for it, but I felt really light headed and stuff when I left. It really sucked.

    Anyways, in case you haven't guessed, Bella has an aversion to the sight of blood.  I do too, (Human at least, dissecting animals is okay, but I tend to twitch a bit when I see a human bleeding. It bothers me less now though, Needles are worse) They're doing a blood type test in science for an upcoming drive and she gets all nauseated. 

    (97) Hu-rah, Edward's showed up. Bella, for once, is NOT happy to see him. He's all panicky, poor, slightly obsessive second-persona Edward. Bella's Put-me-down-I-will-not-be-carried-to-the-nurses-office-thanks-much it pretty awesome for a semi-queasy about to faint person. 
    Stop lying Edward, she didn't actually faint. She just sort-of half collapsed on the way getting escorted to the Nurses office. That's totally not the same thing.

    (98) Second Persona Edward shows yet another trait, being horribly over imaginative. (If this had showed up without the other stuf, I might have let it pass, but not now) "I thought he was dragging your body off to bury you," Seriously

(99) At Least he does normal thing when he skips class. Listening to his CD player. What was Bella expecting him to do? Save the world? (A quite plausible Idea)

(100) Now, now Edward, saying that humans can't smell blood is inaccurate at best. As any girl could tell you, all human beings can smell stale or rotting blood. It's arguable whether humans can smell fresh blood, but I tend to think you can if your in tune with that sort of thing. (I tend to be, but I'm really not around Blood enough to have a smell pegged out yet. But, I, for instance, can recognize to a degree the smells of my closest friends and family and differentiate between them.)

    (103) Oh dear, she's starting to get a tad obsessive again. (Can we get a squad looking for a Vampire rehab center?)

    (104) Of course he's pushy, Bella. Haven't you noticed how obsessive and pushy he's been this whole chapter? Persona two I'm telling you.

    (105) On a more positive note, he likes Classical music. I've always been a fan myself. Hm.

    (109) Yeah, It appears that Bella is a danger magnet, don't take it personally main character, but it's refreshing to see some Genre Savy-ness in Edward now. He's not as stupid as he appears in Persona 2 apparently.

Final thoughts
    I did not like most of the Edward development in this chapter, he went from borderline in three to decent in four to over the line here. What I hated most was that there was no reason for his sudden change in personality. He made a step closer to her and then jumped up right beside her for no seeable reason.  You could have taken out the lunch section entirely and it would have made the chapter better.  Trust me. 
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