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Chapter Eight: Port Angeles

    How do I express my feelings about this chapter? It was certainly a mix of things, and not aided by my mind's stubborn refusal to get a picture of Bella.  Aw well, I don't really have larger topics to talk about this chapter, so I'm going to do the running one again, I think.

Let's get this over with

    (153) Here's a small look into Bella's Phoenix age. She didn't go out much... How... exciting.  But in all seriousness, The main difference here between Bella and my situations is that she didn't go out because no one ever asked her out. I still manage to have a life while finding myself one of the few perpetual singles. You can still have a social life without a Boyfriend. She obviously wasn't trying hard enough if she didn't even have a semi-friend group.

     Maybe the people of Phoenix are just mean.

     Oh, and Tyler's talking about how He's taking Bella to Prom... without asking her first. Nice. Such a smart move. "Prom" always sounds sort of ominous to me, like a gladiatorial game.  (I challenge you to...prom. --*Gasp*  Not Prom. Anything but that!)

    (156) Wow, that's a description of one sucky bookstore. I didn't know there were places without at least a decent, normal bookstore. On the other hand, I'm probably spoiled about that sort of thing since I've grown up in a college town with two bookstores but no stoplights. It's seriously that small. (We recently got our first four-way stop. It's momentous.)

    (157) Wow. Bella really is a magnet for every possible thing that could go wrong.

    (160) Herded. DUN-DUN DUUUUUUUUNNNN!

    (162) So the car that saves Bella from her unspecifiable-in- young-adult-literature fate fishtailed on the road and skidded to a stop in from of her?
    Now, I don't have my permit yet, but I'm pretty sure that breaks seven or eight traffic laws. The street was empty and all, but still.  Who's  the Reckless Maniac it driving this thing?
    Oh Right, It's Edward.

    Well, At least he makes her use her seat belt.

    (163) Okay, he's driving ticked. At least he's keeping his eyes on the road.

    Spoke too soon. "Distract me"? While you're driving? Are you insane? And now he's rubbing his temples. Why isn't he looking at the road? Am I the only person concerned with safety here?

Oh wait, they'd stopped, never mind. (She could have made it more obvious, I was getting worried)

    (164) Bad Bella, Don't joke about paralyzing people. It's very rude.

    Except when it's really funny, then it's okay.

    Oh, right, we were supposed to meet the generic school girls. How late are we now?

    (165) I can completely imagine the expression described here. I need a visual. But Light just doesn't seem to be cutting it.

He's not smiling. Eyes sort of work though.

Too Happy.

Eh, closer. Still not serious enough.

    Dang, that's still  not right. Hm... maybe he's just missing something. Well, Edward is a Vampire, right? Vampires suck blood. Light does not suck blood. So all we need is some one who's more Blood-sucking! Then they'll have the right expression!

    Oh! I know!

*Drum Roll*

Miles Edgeworth: Ace Prosecutor.

    Actually, he does look kind of Vampire-ish. Huh, and I was just picking him so I could make the Blood-sucking lawyer joke. He even has the right expression:

    Well, sort of. I love the this expression though.
*This concludes the visual part of today's feature*

    (166) Am I the only one who thinks its kind of telling that Angela and Jessica didn't go looking for Bella when she didn't show up? Even knowing that she hadn't been to Port Angeles before and that she might be lost, they still just waited. Some friends. What did I expect? They're secondary.

    At least Angela makes an effort to get Bella out of the situation if she needs help. Valiant, but in the end not enough to make up for the previous friend neglect.

    (167) Well, He's attempting to be charming.

    Bella's Right Edward, that was an unnecessary thing to do. Being Dazzled increased the chances of Hyperventilation and fainting among people of the opposite gender. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    (168) Yes Edward, you Dazzle people. Even Bella.

    Especially Bella.

He's just waiting for her to go into shock. Nothing special. Carry on.

    (169) Bella's very unobservant for such a superficial person. She spends so much time staring at the Cullen's faces she doesn't ever notice what they're wearing.

    (170) So Bella isn't normal. Nothing new here.

    (174) I find myself laughing hysterically when Edward uses the word "Unequivocally".... And then I start trying to break it down into Latin roots. (I suppose I'm just peculiar.)

    Am I the only person who's slightly creeped out by the fact that he's been following her?

    (176) Well, that was interesting. He seemed ashamed of himself for not being able to trust himself not to go back and "hunt" the guys who were ganging.  I have a feeling that this could lead in to the development of an interesting character flaw.  Could.

    (177)My estimation says that the lowest single bill that he could have had ready to pay for the check and tip would be a 50$. Wow. That's one heck of a tip.

Well, I suppose the only way to move is forward.
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