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Chapter Ten: Interrogations

    I am sick. I have a splitting headache. My throat is sore, my ears have pressure behind them and I am wiped out.

    But I'm bored and I want to have something to do until the Advil Cold and Sinus kicks in, so I'm trying to put together an entry for this chapter. I apologize if quality is low.

Running commentary, it's faster.
You guys know the drill, right?

    (196) I read the first paragraph of this chapter and I rolled my eyes. Bella is again showing what an unimaginative person she is. (I have a personal bias of course, but we'll get to that.)     She's trying to convince herself that last chapter wasn't a dream, by siting things she "couldn't have imagined" like smell.

    I personally think that the idea that people can't dream other senses besides sight and hearing is silly and wrong. I have dreams with smells, or tastes. Heck every other of my more vivid dreams has extensive tactile stuff in it. One time I had an interesting dream, it was a pretty stereotypical subject wise, (A flying dream to be specific) But I could feel all of the sensations Including a very vivid sense of the muscle attachments Connecting my body to my wings.  I can still call up the sensation if I try hard enough. I will admit that smells are rarer, but I do occasionally have them.


(197) Bella is really kind of obsessed.

    But of course now we get a glimpse Edward's clothing. Have you noticed how much Bella notices that she doesn't notice the Cullen's clothing?

    (198) Ugh. "I was curious to see if the sent could possibly be as good as I remembered. It was better." Gag me with a spoon.

      Edward is spoiled. Obviously since he can read people's minds he's not used to actually having to give people their privacy.  So it bugs him to no end that Bella doesn't divulge all her thought processes. That's kind of obnoxious. I know it's only natural for him to be aggravated, but let's face it: He invades people's most private sanctuaries on a regular basis. And now he's annoyed that he can't get inside Bella's head. He should just get over it.

    (199) Wow, apparently all the Cullens are as irresponsible on the road as Edward is. Or at least they "Like to drive fast". Is this just a vampire trait in general? Since Edward is the only one one who can read minds why the hell don't they get tickets?

Of course RSJ (Random schoolgirl Jessica) wants to hear what happened. She's there for info dumps and some C-ranked subplots. That's her purpose.

    (201) And so Edward and Bella begin unofficially dating because "It's easier than any other explanation". Also, He's listening in on her conversations now. He can't stand not knowing, can he?

    (202) At least Bella thinks he Drives like a maniac too.

    (204) Okay, here  RSJ looses any sympathy I had for her as a character. She went from flat (but okay) side character to a shallow wench. I mean, Bella is really shallow too, but I really didn't expect all females in this book to be like that. (There's still hope for Angela I think, but not much.) Meh, I suppose I'm just kind of exasperated at the lack of female characters from outside a certain type.

    (207) The Apple's back. (Well another apple from the same dimension at least.) First apple in the book.

    Oh, and apparently Bella's eaten Dirt on a dare. I have too, a long time ago. It was pretty gross, but not as bad as you'd expect it to be. Your stomach just doesn't handle it well.

    (208) The Eavesdropping comes back up. He really needs to learn that it's okay to be able to keep secrets. In fact, he just needs to loose his mind reading for a few years to get more mature about it.

    (209) I was right, the dazzling joke came up again. Will this be a running gag? Probably.

    (210) Bella needs to learn something and she needs to learn it soon: In many ways, being ordinary makes you more desirable to teenage boys. I mean, being naturally pretty helps,  but in the end it's all opinion. But apparently having average intelligence and a certain attitude and maybe above average looks makes you easily date-able. I don't know why this is, but I've come to the conclusion that this must be true after being genuinely laughed at by boys upon asking if they'd ever date me. Having a certain amount of fixation on your physical appearance seems to help too.

    Especially, when the people are like those in Forks. (Everyone in this book seems a little more shallow than I'd like.) If you're smart or strong-willed they don't like you as much. Maybe you just have to buy into certain practices of boyfriend/girlfriend hood that the outsiders never get the memo. Maybe they're intimidated. I don't know.

    (211) And here's the traditional "I love you so much that I'll leave you if it will keep you safe." Not too bad. Bella doesn't really get it though.

    (212) Have you ever noticed that Bella keeps referencing herself as the clumsiest person alive, but she's fallen down once in the entire book so far? Sure I can see her being awkward, but this really looks a lot like something that's being not-so-subtly played up for use later.

    Also, I think Bella's putting her foot down now, she's asking if she can drive. Not that I blame her, Edward may have above average reaction time, but that doesn't prevent her from dying of a heart attack.

    (214) So the Cullens hunt Bears. That's one mystery solved. But aren't some bear species having trouble right now? (Specifically grizzly bears which they mention by name?)

    (216)Edward's right though, Bella does need to have some good heart wrenching terror.

    I'm feeling better, but I have little else to say. See you next time!

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