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Chapter Eleven: Complications

    I'd like to be able to say that I haven't updated this in a long time due to some life-changing event that I would then proceed to tell you all about.

    Unfortunately, the reason I haven't updated this is simply because I haven't gotten around to it. Sorry.

    Let's just get started, shall we? Category today. I apologize for the shortness


    This chapter is supposed to be about developing Bella's character, I think. I seem to come up with another purpose, since very virtually no new dynamics or pieces of plot have developed. No new characters have been introduced. The only things that have happened are the various questioning periods by Edward to learn more about Bella.

    Which appears to be a mediocre excuse for a characterization info dump.

    The truth is, we don't learn anything new really about Bella, all the questions answered are just elaborations on things we already know from internal comments and/or previous conversation. Yes, Bella hates the color green, she misses Arizona and her favorite color's brown. Why do I care?  I don't. And I certainly don't care that your favorite gemstone is affected by the color of Edwards Eyes.

    But I digress.

       Well, okay, something does happen in the chapter. We have a slight development in her relationship with Mike. Mike comments on Edward and Bella's apparent relationship and expresses concern because he "looks at her like she's something to eat." This is a perfectly legitimate concern, even more so than he realizes and Bella just laughs him off.  (Am I the only one who thinks that Bella thinks of Edward as more of  Teddy bear than a the Grizzly that he is?) Another step away from the High school crowd. Edward: 25, Mike: 0.  Not to mention it shows Bella acting like a jerk to Mike when he's never been anything but nice to her. You know, I think I just don't really like how Bella's acting in this chapter.

    She's intent on not telling her Dad about their "Dating" (Not that Edward works too hard to discourage her), she's blowing off her old friends(even ones concerned about her safety) and she's pretty obsessive in general. She doesn't even react in an interesting way to all the "sexual tension" in this chapter.  Over all, I didn't really notice on the first read again, but the little things that just bugged me a tad started to add up.

    Bella's actually acting more thick headed than our Forksian Moron over there. I don't think it's intentional either. (Maybe being a jerk is a symptom of Edward addiction?)


    The major example of a new phenomenon to appear in this chapter is, of course, what happens when the lights go out. This happens during a movie in biology. (Two consecutive movies actually.)

    It'd describes as "electricity and an overwhelming urge to touch Edward." What it is? We have no clue. Is it some Vampiric-prey thing? Is it one of Bella's special properties?  Is it Hormones? Edward appears to have the same thing in reverse. It's vaguely mysterious, but all together I'd say that if it was the purpose of this chapter to introduce it, it should be given more than a few pages.


    Edward was, yet again, found guilty of spying on Bella this chapter. He has a problem. A big problem. He doesn't have respect for people's privacy, Heck, he probably judges people by things he shouldn't have the right to know about them anyways.

    Okay, as it's been explicitly portrayed in the book, Edward's power has been used mildly intrusively. He listens in on conversations and occasionally looks for intentions. Nothing too bad. But what's inferred from these lesser offenses is that he's, in the past, committed greater ones.  How does he know how to listen into Jessica's Mind for the conversation between her and Bella unless he's done it before? Does he do it often if he wants to know something? What stops him from abusing his power to, say, cheat on tests or even to size people up before he meets them, without any intention of getting to know them better?

    I also worry about the effect this is going to have on his view of people in general. Sure, the people of forks have so far proved to be pretty shallow, but how must he consider them if he can read their thoughts? I mean, I'm one of probably a ton of people who thinks all sorts of things, shallow deep, fanciful-- anything and everything. But I only say what I think is appropriate for the situation or what I'm sure won't completely make me seems like an insensitive jerk. But I still think a whole bunch of things I'd never say.

    To summarize: Being able to read minds, sucks.

Twilight-the Return

    The Word "twilight" was used for the second time since the book began, although this time it was a seen which seemed some how more book-naming worthy than Bella randomly wandering around in the woods. It did actually reveal one of Edward's more depressing life views when he says that "Twilight is the safest time for us, but also the saddest... the Darkness always comes, it's so inevitable, isn't it?"

    I think he's a glass-half-empty sort of person. Maybe it comes from being old and cynical.

A special announcement:

For you Gaia readers, I will probably post a Live journal Only entry some time in the next few chapters. It will disrupt the regular set of Chapter review for something a bit different. This is just a heads up so that when I post a link to it later you'll know what's up.

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