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Well, I'm not sure which of you guys has figured this out yet, but I haven't updated in a while. This is all for a very good reason: My book was taken away.

If you guys go back to the very beginning of this journal, you should remember that I had declared that I was not going to spend any money on this, and as such I was reading a borrowed copy from a friend. Well, came time for summer vacation and that friend wanted the book back. So before I could finish chapter 12, I had to stop reading. Flash forward to the end of the summer. No I'm back in school and I'm trying to get ahold of another copy of the book for borrowing. If that doesn't work, I'm going to buy a copy to finish the story, go through and write commentary in ink and sell it on Ebay afterwards as an "annotated" copy. Yay me.

But, I have been doing a couple of interesting Twilight-related projects just for fun, (Which people would probably either should me or love me for) and I figured between that and a general commentary on news and the movie I can get a decent "Intermission" to tide you over.

This is all really thrown together so please forgive awkwardness of phrase and logical inconsistencies.

Fangirls, facts and fictions: A Study of the Twilight Fanbase

I hang out in the writer's forum here on Gaia. Every time a Twilight thread is misplaced there it is invariably horribly spelled and mundane, with a large amount of smilies and many "Edwardz iz teh hottest!!!1!" phrases.

This has propagated the belief that only a grammar dumb dimwit would read Twilight and would only do so for pure sexual lust for the main hero. Genuinely liking it is like a black mark on your permanent record, or a crazy uncle who killed three people in a drunken rage. You keep it s secret or you spend you're whole life explaining to people why.

These are all gross generalizations, of course. But there has been no general evidence whether Twilight loving is correlated with lack of grammar or not... Until now.

I did what my friend called a "Sneaky and Underhanded, but nevertheless hilarious" experiment. A few months ago I used an older Gaia account of my sister's to go onto the Official Twilight Thread in the Book forum and the Official Anti-Twilight Thread. There I took a voluntary sample of people to respond to this questionnaire:

Hello Official Twilight fan thread:

I'm conducting a survey which I was wondering if any one would like to contribute too. Just two questions, won't take too long.

1) What would you rate the series Twilight from one to one hundred with one hundred being high? (If you've only read some of it, then just rate for what you've read.)

2) Why (in two or three sentences) do you give it the rating you do?

If you could answer those for me, It'd be of great help and thank you in advance to any responders. It'd also help a bit if you don't include any spoilers from beyond New Moon, which I'm not finished with yet.

I'm sorry if this disturbs the thread.

From there, I counted up the number of grammatical/spelling errors in the written response and graphed it against their rating of the book 0-100. The results were small, with only 20 responses it could hardly be a very good sample, but my findings lead to the following graph:

So, as you can see, from my limited sample, it appears to have a slight positive trend in the graph, with higher scores have two or three more errors on average than those who gave it lower scores. However, with one exception, I would like to state that none of these posts were unreadable, or would have fallen into the inanity of the ones who invade the writer's forum. You may make of this data what you will, but I would encourage people to collect more and more accurate data before making any conclusions.

My personal conclusion: Many of the fans and anti fans who I got to talk two were wonderful people, and made valid points. However, one thing that is exceptionally clear is that once you mention the word "sample" once or twice when requesting more information, people get suspicious. I had a few people who I had to break down and tell via PM because they were seeing through my false pretenses.

If any on my readers contributed to this survey, I am sorry to have tricked you. It wouldn't work any other way.

Moving on.

Twilight: The Movie

Around the time I got started writing this commentary, The news of a Twilight Movie was released. Now pictures, publicity and a trailer later I must admit my mixed feelings.

On the one hand, one major complaint of my friend who finished the book was the slow pace of the plot and a movie will fix that. The Movie will also cut out many of Bella's internal monologues which were ranging from annoying to funny.

So, I'm going to see it, and give a review to you guys. But I'm going with some of my friends who are going for the sole purpose of being able to make fun of it. So we'll come up with some good jokes about it probably. So yeah. See you in December.

Breaking Dawn

Early on, I heard a lot of peculiar things about the final book in the Twilight series. So, in order to find out for myself I headed to to read customer reviews. I found out three things.

1) All the things I had heard were true. The very premise of the book broke it's own cannon in about seven different ways as well.

2) The Final book was so bad, that many members of the fandom are trying to pretend it didn't happen. The average score was 3 stars, with a majority wither fives or ones.

3) This I found out from a friend actually, and she thought it was hilarious. The Book ends (No spoilers) "And they live happily ever after, FOREVER."

Like her, I couldn't stop laughing when I heard that. But part of me died when I found out the premise. But, as I have no first-hand information I will hold off for another day.

Midnight Sun, or Rather the Delay of.

Midnight Sun is the Bastard Child of Twilight and Breaking Dawn in that It is told from Edward's point of view while being of Twilight, but presumably is attempting to make money as a sort of "Sequel" to the series.

Some one released a draft on the internet. Meyers was upset. She'd delayed the book indefinitely. The Fandom is pissed. The current draft version is up on her website. Have I missed anything?

I was considering looking over the draft on the internet and doing a commentary on that to interlude my adventures finding a new copy of Twilight. What would you guys think of that? Is it a good Idea or would you prefer radio silence? Tell me if you guys would like a go at it and I'll try doing a rant on the first chapter or so. Also a link to the internet copy would be appreciated.

Twilight: The musical

Okay, I know what many of you are thinking... no, this is not an announcement of anything made officially by Meyers or affiliates.

This is a project born by getting a whole bunch of girls who think Twilight was between okay and crap, Taking them to see Avenue Q and then sending them home late at night all in the same car.

So the Conversation started like this:

Me: He guys, do you know what would be really funny: Twilight! The Musical.
Elf: That would be hilarious! Let's see... Eddy-Weddy would definitely end all his sentences with "Because I love you! Bella."
Cat: Yeah, but he should be, like... um... a Ditz. And painfully oblivious of stuff. Like and Bella should spend the whole time trying to get him to have Sex.
Elf: Yeah! Like "Bella: Um... Edward? My dad is going to be out this weekend and I was wondering if you'd like to have a... a sleep over. Edward: Okay Bella! I'll bring my Karaoke Machine! Bella: Um... That's nice Edward... I'm... I'm going to invite Jacob too, okay? He loves Karaoke. Edward: Okay Bella!"

And thus the idea for the Twilight Musical was born. (Really its' the first three books as told from the writings of some one who's only read the first and knows the vague plot of the second and third. I hope you don't mind.) It's currently only an outline with Plot synopsis and song list, But even that is pretty funny. So I figured you guys might get a hoot out of it.(Brief lyric excerpts have been written places where I have them.)

Twilight: The Musical

Act One:
Bella leaves Phoenix for Forks and sees the mysterious Cullens, then she’s attacked in a dark ally and Edward takes her out to dinner.

-Farewell to Phoenix
"I'm moving to that town of Forks, where lives my dad. I think my life is over! It really is that bad!"
-Forks (This Town Sucks)
Charlie, Bella and Chorus w/ solos
-What they didn’t learn in health class
Mr. Banner, Bella and Edward
-Fate not mentionable in a PG book
Edward, Bella and Guys Chorus
-I’m Dangerous but I like You Anyway
Edward, Bella
"Bella, There is danger, you can't stay near me."
"I don't care!"

Act Two:
Edward saves Bella from a car only to receive a head injury and loose all memories and his mind-reading powers.(He remembers that he loves Bella) Afterwards Bella visits him in the hospital and then Charlie invites him to go fishing. Meanwhile, Bella meets Jacob at the beach.

-That’s what Superheroes Do
"Maybe I'll be his Louis Lane, or possibly his Mary Jane! I don't know what this all means, but I don't have to. He saved me, because that's what Superheroes do!"
-Fleeting Memories(Like a Car Crash)
Edward and Alice
"Why can't I remember you or me?"
"Is this who I am? I cannot see!"
Bella, and Jacob+ Cullen’s Chorus
-The Male Bonding Song
Charlie and Edward

Act Three:
The French Vampire shows up and Edward is revealed as a Vampire, at the same time Jacob is bitten by a Werewolf. (Gasp, what a coincidence!)

- Sacre Bleu, Yum!
French Vampire, Edward and Bella
- Because I Sparkle Bella!
Edward and Bella
"I don't Understand!"
"That's okay! Because I love you anyway!"
"But, a Vampire?"
"I know it's true! Because, you see, I Sparkle Bella!
- Because I love you Bella!
"Because I Love you Bella!"
-Abstinence is Beastly (But My Boyfriend is too)

Act Four:
Edward leaves for South America to eat rats because he loves Bella and in order to get over her grieving loss, Bella spends time with Jacob. Then they hook up. Afterwards, Bella is attacked by Italian Vampires and Jacob drives them off.

- I’m Dangerous but I Like you Anyway (Reprise)
Edward and Bella
-The Lone Wolf Tango- Under a Full Moon
Jacob and Bella
-That’s What Superheroes Do (Reprise)
- That’s a Morte
The Italian Vampires, Bella and Jacob
"When a dart hits your heart and it then fails to start, That's a Morte!"

Act Five:
Edward Randomly returns, and they have s slumber party, then the Italian Vampires return. Edward and Jacob team up to defeat Italian Vampires. Then they all go to prom and a dark secret is revealed.

-Forks (Reprise)
Bella, Edward and Chorus w/ Solos
-The Ice Cream Song
Bella, Edward and Jacob
-The Epic Song
Edward, Jacob, Bella and the Italian Vampires
-Slow Dance
Edward and Bella
-Because I love you Bella (Finale)
Edward, Bella, Jacob and Chorus

Well, as you can see it is incomplete at best. But that's all for now, See you next time!

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